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About Banaras Hindu University

Banaras Hindu University (BHU), formerly Central Hindu College, was estableshished in 1916 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is Asia’s largest residential university and an Institute of National Importance in India. Spanning 1,300 acres along the Ganges, its architecture blends Indo-Gothic styles. BHU aims to leverage technology, science, and Indian culture to address poverty. The campus boasts over 60 hostels, the iconic Shri Vishwanath Mandir, and Bharat Kala Bhavan museum showcasing Indian art and archaeology. Affiliated with BHU’s Institute of Medical Sciences, the Sir Sunderial Hospital is a leading healthcare provider. The Rajiv Gandhi South campus in Mirzapur focuses on agricultural sciences. BHU’s anthem, Kulgeet, was composed by eminent scientist Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar. Notable alumni include Robert M. Pirsig, author of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India. BHU remains a cornerstone of academic and cultural excellence in India.

Banaras Hindu University

Education in Banaras Hindu University

Education at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is esteemed for its academic rigor and dedication to excellence. BHU offers a comprehensive array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs spanning diverse disciplines. Students benefit from a rich learning environment and ample opportunities for specialization and academic growth.

Banaras Hindu University Scholarships

Banaras Hindu University offers various scholarships to support students in their academic pursuits:

Banaras Hindu University National Scholarships:

  • Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students: This scheme aims to provide financial assistance to meritorious students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with a family income of less than Rs. 4.5 lakh per annum. The scholarships help cover a part of their day-to-day expenses while pursuing higher studies. The scheme targets 82,000 scholarships annually, divided equally between boys and girls. For more details, visit the official website: Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship.

Banaras Hindu University External Scholarships:

  • Ministry of Education Scholarships: BHU facilitates scholarships and fellowships offered by foreign countries under Cultural/Educational Exchange Programmes. These scholarships mostly support research, master’s, and doctoral studies. Interested students can apply online through the Ministry of Education’s portal: Ministry of Education Scholarship Portal.

Students are encouraged to explore these scholarship opportunities and apply according to their eligibility and interests.

Banaras Hindu University
Banaras Hindu University

Career Opportunities

Our institution offers a diverse array of career opportunities, providing students with the chance to explore various professional fields and discover their ideal career path. Through internships, industry partnerships, and career development programs, we equip students with the skills and experiences needed to succeed in their chosen fields. Whether in academia, research, industry, or entrepreneurship, we support students in pursuing rewarding and fulfilling careers.

University Information:

Students & Staff:

  • Total students: 23,010
  • UG students: 71%
  • PG students: 29%
  • International students: 310
  • UG students: 70%
  • PG students: 30%
  • Total Faculty Staff: 1,832
  • Domestic staff: 100%
  • International staff: 0%

Rankings & Ratings:

Banaras Hindu University is one of the top public universities in Varanasi, India. Its rankings are as follows:

  • QS World University Rankings 2024: #1001-1200
  • QS WUR Ranking By Subject: #501-550
  • QS Sustainability Ranking: #981-1000
  • Asian University Rank: #34

Banaras Hindu University Admission / Required Documents

For international students seeking admission to Banaras Hindu University (BHU) for the academic year 2023-2024, the following documents are typically required:

  1. Passport with 6-month validity: A valid passport with at least 6 months validity beyond the intended period of stay in India.
  2. Passport size photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs meeting the specified requirements.
  3. Photocopy of passport: A photocopy of the passport’s bio-data page and any other relevant pages.
  4. Proof of residential address: Document(s) verifying the student’s current residential address.
  5. Printed copy of the online (filled) form: A printed copy of the completed online application form for admission to BHU.
  6. Formal admission letter: The official admission letter issued by Banaras Hindu University confirming the student’s acceptance into the desired course.
  7. Details of the University: Information regarding the university, including its address, contact details, and other relevant details.
  8. Bank Statement: Proof of financial means to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs during the period of study in India. This typically includes a recent bank statement demonstrating sufficient funds.

International students should ensure that all documents are properly authenticated, translated into English if necessary, and submitted as per the university’s instructions and deadlines.

Banaras Hindu University Entrance Exams

Banaras Hindu University conducts various entrance exams for admission to its programs. Here are some of the key entrance exams:

  1. JEE (Advanced Joint Entrance Examination): For admission to B.Tech programs.
  2. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering): For admission to M.Tech and PhD programs.
  3. CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design): For admission to M.Des and PhD programs in design.
  4. UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam in Design): For admission to B.Des programs.
  5. JAM (Joint Admission Test for M.Sc.): For admission to various M.Sc. programs.

These entrance exams are crucial for determining eligibility and merit-based admissions to different courses offered by Banaras Hindu University.

BHU Admission Process and Important Dates

Admission to undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in 2024 will be conducted through the Common University Entrance Test (CUET 2024) conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Interested candidates must register through the NTA’s online application portal to apply for BHU programs. Meeting the qualifying criteria and performing well in the entrance exams are crucial for securing admission to BHU in 2024. Stay updated with the official notifications and important dates released by BHU for the admission process.

BHU Popular Programs

Banaras Hindu University offers a range of popular courses including BTech, BSc, BA, MBBS, LLB, MSc, and MA, among others. These programs are highly sought after due to their exceptional academic standards, renowned faculty, and promising career prospects. BHU, being one of India’s premier universities, upholds rigorous academic excellence across its offerings. The distinguished faculty comprising experienced professors ensures students receive top-notch education and mentorship, contributing to BHU’s national reputation for academic excellence.

Commonly asked questions

Q: Why is BHU so famous?

A: Banaras Hindu University (BHU) holds eminence as one of India’s designated Institutions of Eminence, recognized for its academic prowess. With approximately 15,000 students residing on its expansive 1,300-acre main campus and additional 2,700-acre south campus, BHU stands as Asia’s largest residential university. Renowned for its robust scholarship programs and impressive placement opportunities, BHU offers students lucrative career prospects, with the highest package reaching INR 35 LPA. The university’s international center caters specifically to the needs of its diverse student body, further enhancing its reputation for inclusivity and global engagement.


Q: Is BHU for Hindus only?

A: No, BHU is open to all eligible students, regardless of their religious affiliation. With a diverse student body exceeding 15,000 individuals from various backgrounds, castes, religions, and ethnicities, BHU prides itself on inclusivity and merit-based admissions. During the selection process, candidates are evaluated solely on their academic merit, ensuring equal opportunities for all applicants. BHU maintains a policy of non-discrimination, welcoming students from all walks of life to contribute to its vibrant academic community.


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