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China is known internationally for its vast landscape and huge population. It is called the leader in global innovation, and mass manufacturing, and the largest exporter in the world. Every year China has attracted a huge amount of international students from around the world especially from Bangladesh with their innovative minds.

On the other hand, living and studying in China is considerably cheaper than in any developed country, that’s why it has been a top choice of destination for many potential students all over the world.

China in Brief

Capital: Beijing

Language: Mandarin

Largest City: Shanghai

Currency: Yuan

GDP: $18.321 Trillion

Population: 1.4 Billion

Top Universities: 3012

Students: 44.3 million

Why China for Higher Education?

China has emerged as a highly sought-after destination for higher education among international students, and it is not without reason. The experience of studying in China can be immensely enriching, offering a solid platform for achieving academic and professional excellence

Here are some reasons why China is an attractive option for higher education:

Quality Education

For international students, China has become a popular place to study as the country strives to build more world-class universities. Students who are interested in majoring in science, engineering, medicine, economics, and trade, would find Chinese universities as their destination. China ensures the world's best quality education to its students. The government of China has signed an MAU of academic achievement qualifications with several countries including the United States, Britain, France, India, Japan, and Bangladesh.

Cultural Diversity

China is a country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage that spans thousands of years. As a result, China is home to a vast array of different cultures and ethnic groups, each with its unique traditions, customs, and beliefs. China's cultural diversity is a rich tapestry of other traditions and beliefs that make the country a fascinating and unique place to visit and study.

Work While You Study

International students studying in China are allowed to work part-time jobs on campus or off campus during their studies. Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and up to 40 hours per week during holidays. As a Bangladeshi student in China, you can work in different areas, such as- Student Ambassador, Research Project, At a Restaurant. University Library. Work in Bar or NightClub and so on.

Health benefits for International Students

International students studying in China are eligible for certain health benefits that are provided by the Chinese government and universities. Here are some of the benefits: Medical Insurance, Vaccinations, Health Services, Mental Health Services, Health Education, Students should check the coverage of their medical insurance carefully to ensure that it meets their needs

NO IELTS / Bank Statement

Selecting China as a study destination, IELTS is not necessary for international students. Chinese Universities look at your good academic background. No need to deposit money into your account or show a bank statement as a document of financial support On the other hand, the popular study destinations and their Universities require IELTS and Bank statements mandatory

Work Permit After Graduation

The opportunity for employment in China is huge. Many students want to stay in China after graduation, especially for employment purposes. Recently the governments of China and Bangladesh jointly signed an agreement to enhance the partnership in the education sector. China nowadays warmly welcomed Bangladeshi students as a development partner.

Top Cities in China for Bangladeshi Students

The most popular cities in China for Bangladeshi students are as follows:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Chengdu
  • Hangzhou
  • Xi’an
  • Nanjing
  • Wuhan

It is very important to keep in mind that personal preferences, budget, and the specific program of study will influence the selection of a city for individual students.

Popular Courses in China for International Students

China offers a wide range of courses and degree programs for international students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of the popular courses for international students in China include



Computer & IT

Language & Culture

Biological & Sciences

Art & Design

Health & Medicine


Scholarship Facilities in China for International Students

China extends a range of scholarship opportunities to Bangladeshi students aspiring to pursue higher education within its borders. These scholarships serve as avenues for academic and financial support, making studying in China more accessible. As a prospective applicant, it is essential to thoroughly review the eligibility criteria and application procedures on the official websites. The following are some of the scholarship facilities available for Bangladeshi students:-

  • Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)
  • Chinese Local Government Scholarship
  • China-Bangladesh Friendship Scholarship
  • Chinese University Scholarship
  • Confucius Institute Scholarship

Steps to Study in China from Bangladesh

If you are a Bangladeshi student who wants to study in China, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Research your options: Look for universities and programs that fit your academic goals and interests. Check the admission requirements, tuition fees, and living expenses.
  • Choose a program and university: Once you have researched your options, choose a program and university that best suits your needs and interests.
  • Apply to the university: Check the admission deadlines and application requirements for your chosen university. Submit your application along with all the required documents.
  • Apply for a visa: Once you have received your acceptance letter from the university, apply for a student visa from the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Plan for finances: Calculate the total expenses for tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and other costs, and plan for finances accordingly.
  • Prepare for departure: Book your flights, purchase travel insurance, and make sure you have all the necessary documents such as your passport, visa, and admission letter.

Intakes in China

The University and Colleges of China have two major intakes.

Intakes Duration
Autumn/Fall intake August to Feburary
Spring intake Feburary to August

Top Ranked Chinese Universities for Bangladeshi Students

China has many highly ranked universities that offer quality education to international students, including Bangladeshi students. Here are some of the top-ranked Chinese universities that are popular among Bangladeshi students:

    • Tsinghua University
    • Peking University
    • Fudan University
    • Zhejiang University
    • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    • Wuhan University
    • Nanjing University

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