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Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh | Visa - Scholarship - Cost & Admission Process

Malaysia has rapidly emerged as a flourishing and dynamic country, experiencing significant development in recent years. Known for its stability and lack of political conflicts, Malaysia has become a newly industrialized market in Asia. With its growing reputation as a top study destination, especially among students from Bangladesh and various other countries, it continues to attract a large number of international students annually.

Malaysia’s allure as a study destination is complemented by its exceptional quality of life, making it one of the most preferred places to live in Asia. The country offers a wide range of facilities and amenities that cater to the needs of its diverse population, making it an attractive choice for students seeking an enriching educational experience.”

Malaysia in brief

 Why Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh?

Malaysia is a country that is Geographically safe, and free from all-natural calamities. As a study destination, Malaysia is considered one of the most secure places for international students, especially from Muslim countries all over the world.

The education system of Malaysia is almost similar to other EU countries. All these beautiful features attract international students to study in Malaysia.

Budget Tuition Fee for Students->

Malaysia is one of the best study destinations for Bangladeshi students because of its good education systems with affordable cost. Tuition fees in Malaysia are less than in any other EU country. Students can get a quality education with minimum tuition fees.

International Recognition & Affiliation->

The Malaysian education system is recognized throughout the world. Most of the universities of Malaysia are recognized worldwide. Many Universities from the UK, US, and Australia set their campuses in Malaysia and offer International degrees.

Culture Diversity->

Malaysia is a country that is rich in cultural diversity, making it an ideal destination for students who want to study in a multicultural environment. One of the main benefits of studying in Malaysia is that students can learn about and experience different cultures firsthand. Students who choose to study in Malaysia can experience different cultures, gain new perspectives, and develop valuable cross-cultural communication skills that will benefit them in their personal and professional lives.

University in Malaysia Without IELTS->

If you want to study without IELTS, Malaysia is probably your best option. A huge number of Malaysian universities offer top-quality education with different study facilities. But if you want to study in Malaysia with Scholarship, you must have a good IELTS score. Asia Pacific University, City University Malaysia, Manipal International University, Swinburne University Malaysia campus, Curtin University Malaysia campus, Inti University, Segi University Kota Damansara, Help University.

Health Benefits for International Students->

International students studying in Malaysia can benefit from a range of healthcare services, including student health centers, affordable medical care, private medical facilities, health insurance, vaccinations, and mental health support. Malaysia has a well-developed healthcare system with modern facilities and highly trained medical professionals. These services are designed to ensure that students have access to quality healthcare during their stay in Malaysia.

Top Cities in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

Malaysia has many cities with universities that welcome international students, including Bangladeshi students. Here are some of the top cities in Malaysia for Bangladeshi students to consider:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Penang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Shah Alam

These cities offer a variety of options for Bangladeshi students who are looking for quality education and a great student experience in Malaysia.

Popular Courses in Malaysia for International Students

Malaysia is an increasingly popular destination for international students, offering a range of courses across multiple disciplines. Here are some of the popular courses in Malaysia for international students:


Law Studies


Health & Medicine


Language & Culture

Computer & IT

Art & Design

Scholarships in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

Malaysian Universities offer scholarships for international students to manage their expenses. Students applied for scholarships in undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. The types of scholarships are as follows:

  • Khazanah Global Scholarship.
  • MyBrainSc Scholarship.
  • Shell Malaysia Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship Awards.
  • Bank Negara Scholarships.
  • JPA Scholarship – Program JKPJ.
  • UEM Group Undergraduate Overseas Scholarship.
  • The Fulbright Program.
  • British Council GREAT Scholarships for Malaysian Students.

Steps to Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

If you are a Bangladeshi student interested in studying in Malaysia, here are some steps you can follow:

Research Universities and Courses

Start by researching universities and courses in Malaysia that suit your interests and academic goals. You can use online resources to find information about universities, courses, admission requirements, tuition fees, and scholarships.

Apply to Universities

Check the application deadlines and submit your application along with all required documents, such as academic transcripts, English language proficiency test results, and passport copy.

Check Eligibility

Check the eligibility criteria for the university and course you are interested in. Make sure you meet the minimum academic requirements, English language proficiency requirements, and any other specific requirements.

Apply for a Student Visa

After receiving an offer of admission, you will need to apply for a student visa to study in Malaysia. You can apply for a visa through the Malaysian embassy or consulate in Bangladesh.

Intakes in Malaysia

There are typically two intakes in Malaysia. Here is some information on each intake:

Intakes Duration
Fall intake September to December
Winter intake January to April
Summer intake May to August

Top Universities in Malaysia

Here are some of the top universities in Malaysia for international students:

  • The International Islamic University of Malaysia
  • The National University of Malaysia
  • The University of Malaysia Kelantan
  • The University of Malaysia Pahang
  • The University of Malaysia Perlis
  • University of Malaysia Sabah
  • The University of Malaysia Sarawak

Tuition Fees in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

The Tuition fees in Malaysia for Bangladeshi students can vary depending on the university, course of study, and level of study. Here is a rough estimate of the tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate courses for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia:

Undergraduate Programs:

Public Universities Private Universities
Approx. 370,000 to 555,000 BDT Per Year Approx. 462,500 to 925,000 BDT Per Year

Postgraduate Programs:

Public Universities Private Universities
Approx. 277,000 to 462,500 BDT Per Year Approx. 462,500 to 925,000 BDT Per Year

Cost of Living in Malaysia for International Students

The cost of living in Malaysia for international students can vary depending on various factors such as the city of study, lifestyle, accommodation, food, transportation, and personal expenses.

Here is a breakdown of the estimated monthly living expenses for international students in Malaysia:

Expenses Category Approximate Cost (Monthly)
Rent per month Approx. 7,400 to 14,800 BDT Per Month
Food and housekeeping Approx. 11,100 to 14,800 BDT Per Month
Utilities Approx. 3,700 to 7,400 BDT Per Month
Phone and Internet Approx. 1,850 to 2,775 BDT Per Monthh
Books and Study Materials Approx. 1,850 to 3,700 BDT Per month
Travel & transport Approx. 1,850 to 2,775 BDT Per Month
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